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At the root of all personal and organizational challenges is a lack of understanding of one’s self; who we are as humans and beings. At HBeS we work with individuals and organizations to align people to their gift and how they can offer it in their work, life and in the world.

The Human Being Store reshapes how organizations support human capital to increase organizational effectiveness and societal impact. Based on the proprietary Leadership Connection model, HBeS innovates on both the content and delivery of talent development. We offer services in retail platform that delivers results at the right time in the right way.

Current Organizational Partners sending their employees to the Human Being Store, include:
I offer clients a variety of ways to engage with her leadership development model to help leaders create their leadership paths. Her approach is customized for each client, meeting individuals and/or the organization where they are and designing the best approach to effectively reach their goals. I create customized approaches within the following services:

Individual Coaching

Individuals choose to work with me when they are ready to live their leadership and create the impact they desire in the world. Many people follow paths prescribed by others or wait for opportunities to present themselves. When an individual is ready to be bold, clear and decisive about creating what they want in their world, they are ready for the powerful work. Working with me brings change, immediately and powerfully for those who want to explore the vast potential their leadership can have on the world.

I have nearly 30 years experience guiding leaders. I have a unique ability to see clients’ highest potential and understand how they can best offer those qualities to the world. I use clear communications, and consistent support to guide you through the process of becoming the leader you already are.

I have a keen awareness of social trends and global issues and understands how each client’s leadership can best connect to the needs of the moment. Because of my intense and transformative approach, I maintain a limited number of one-on-one coaching clients at a time.

Individuals interested in creating their leadership path can work with me in three ways:

This is a yearlong commitment for the person who feels called to leadership in high-impact roles in politics, business and the non-profit sector. Through this process an individual fully embraces his or her leadership and takes it into the world. This experience is transformative for those considering expanded professional visibility and responsibilities, a shift in career at a high level or for those preparing for new leadership roles in public service.

This three-month commitment allows individuals the opportunity to gain clarity around their true leadership and how they can create a leadership path to freely express it. This service is best for those who want to know how to make the best career and life decisions based on being a leader in their lives.

For those early in their careers and wanting to avoid the pitfalls of not understanding themselves as leaders, Kathleen offers three sessions that provide a quick and focused opportunity to understand one’s talents, strengths and skills and how best to walk in the world.

Organizational Alignment

Organizations work with me when key leaders realize the best way forward is to create and strengthen leaders throughout the organization. I am adept at guiding groups, teams and organizations that need to up-level their performance to meet the demands of growth, change and shifting societal demands—and I am particularly good when the pace of change is swift, requiring a transformation of individuals and organization alike.

I engage in this work with a clear sense of societal, political and business trends and how an organization’s leadership impacts society. I weave the individual, organizational and collective need for leadership together so that contribution, mission, and purpose are aligned throughout.

During this leadership process, I work with key leaders to transform their leadership while advising them on how best to shift the organization, supporting them through the process. Concurrently, I work with individuals within the organization to ignite their leadership skills and align the best they have to contribute to their role and responsibility within the organization.

Organizations can work with me in three ways:

This is a yearlong process for organizations or groups of more than 50 employees. A customized system is developed that includes one-on-one guidance, team sessions, and large group seminars to move the organization to greater leadership efficacy and impact.

For groups of 20 or less, this is a six-month process similar to the Organizational Transformation. A customized system that includes one-on-one guidance, team sessions, and large group seminars to move the organization to greater leadership efficacy and impact is developed to meet the organization’s specific challenges and needs.

For organizations or teams who want to clarify, inspire and expand the leadership impact of both individuals and the group, this is a great way to use leadership to achieve goals.

Keynote Speaking

As a speaker, I lend a unique presence to groups, aiming to draw each individual into the conversation in a way that feels like an intimate experience even in a large group setting. Topics include “Creating a Leadership Path”, “Presenting Yourself as a Leader,” “Leading in Organizations,” and “Leading Policy and Societal Change.”

In addition, I engage audiences and address their specific questions. I have a powerful ability to dig deep with people to illuminate issues faced by the group and to show how to lead through any challenge. My popular speaking series, Conversations with Kathleen, is the model for these sessions, so there are ample opportunities during which the audience can fully engage with me.

Political Commentary
My passion is guiding leaders so that organizations, communities, and societies can function at their best. During a time when our political leaders are severely challenged and our political system is under great strain, I provide fresh insights as to what has brought us to the brink. I speak about emboldening our citizens as leaders, so we can reawaken the spirit that created our democracy and lead us through our current challenges.

Intensive Retreats & Workshops

Intensive Retreats
Intensive retreats are offered to individuals or small groups who are facing powerful challenges and/or those who are looking for an immediate and significant shift in their leadership. Generally, two days or longer are allocated for a deep-dive into the root of the current issues and how a shift in leadership can address issues and create tremendous opportunities for future growth and impact. I moderate all retreats and may select other practitioners to join me to best meet the needs of the client.

Individuals or groups choosing to embark on an intensive retreat are asked to begin the process by identifying the key issue that will be addressed during the retreat. Based on the goal, I present a customized approach including a location, agenda and any additional practitioners, plus recommendations and necessary follow-up support.

Retreats are best organized at least three months in advance; in times of crisis, I will work to accommodate clients’ timing needs on shorter timeframes.

I begin the conversation about each person’s ability and responsibility to lead by introducing my proprietary model to groups and organizations. Workshops are available both in person and online. I work with clients to develop a customized workshop approach for each group or organization’s needs to impart the learning objectives during the workshop and to create ways to continue to engage participants post-experience.


  • Clients identify goals for the workshop and I create a customized approach to best meet the needs
  • I customize content and may recommend additional practitioners to deliver it
  • Specific participant activities and learning objectives will be created for the group to engage with before, during and after the workshop
  • I will follow up with participants to understand how they are putting their leadership into the world as a result of the experience

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