How It Works

How it Works

Working with HBeS is as simple as 1-2-3:


Sign-up for a 90-minute Gift Session.

Once you purchase your session, you are assigned a Guide. You will receive an email from your Guide to a Zoom video conference. After you complete a quick form to share a bit about yourself and your goals, you are ready to embark on this powerful experience.


Understand and use your Gift.

After your Gifting video session, your Guide sends a follow-up Email with notes about your Gift and how to begin expressing it in your work and life. He or she will also recommend a customized plan for maximizing your Gift and experiencing your desired results.


Take action to develop your Gift.

Everyone has a Gift, few people know what it is and even fewer focus on it as the foundation for professional and personal success. At HBeS we know that satisfaction in work comes from cultivating and deepening the expression of our Gift. That’s why we provide a range of ways to connect with one’s Gift. All you have to do is sign-up for the plan that works for you!

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