The HBeS Membership Program offers an innovative approach to leadership development and sustained professional growth.

Moderated by HBeS Founder Kathleen Schafer, the Lead & Succeed Membership Sessions meet the needs of today’s professionals as they navigate the rapidly changing landscape of work, career, and life. Grounded in our proprietary leadership model, participants can join a community of professional peers to discuss current challenges and opportunities and how best to navigate through them in real-time.

With three, or more, open sessions each week, people schedule, or drop-in as needed to share their experiences, listen to others’, and learn how to best navigate through leadership and work challenges. These lively discussions provide an engaged community from throughout the country learning with and from each other.

Never has flexible, powerful, and real-time leadership guidance been as important to employees as it is now.

These one-hour sessions provide the support and connection many people are seeking in an easy and cost-effective way.

You are welcome to join us for a free session to understand if you are ready for this transformative work.

Monthly memberships are $149 per month with a three-month commitment.

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