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Human Being Store Guides are trained through a rigorous proprietary practicum program designed by our Founder, Kathleen Schafer.

Kathleen Schafer


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My life and work are focused on guiding people back to their Gift-to the essence of their uniqueness. Grounded in an awareness of their talent, I guide individuals to create careers based on offering the best of themselves in organizations to create positive shifts in our communities.

Throughout my career, I’ve created systems that guide individuals to lead and flourish in their work.  With the radical changes in our world, traditional organizations and approaches to work are crumbling. Individuals are seeking opportunities to create lives of meaning and impact engaged in work they love–and in ways that support balanced lives. HBeS is “the place” to come when you or your employees are ready to create a new relationship to work. By addressing the desire of individuals to be satisfied and fulfilled in their contribution and organizations to have the right person doing the right work, HBeS addresses the fundamental needs to promote more successful societal outcomes.

Everyone wants to do what they love and do it in a way that is satisfying and has impact. By making these services available in an online retail model, The Human Being Store is the answer for individuals and organizations alike.

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HBeS Guides

Marion Kennedy

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My leadership and guidance are based in being a champion for others’ success. Being present with my gift, enables individuals and teams to amplify their talents, maximize their contributions, and create possibilities. I am passionate about enabling clients to see how their Gift empowers their life.

Lianna Nielsen

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My passion is supporting individuals in feeling their best as they move through life’s transitions. Be it a new job, a change in location or family, every one of us experiences transitions. I love working with people to ensure they remain, or get healthy, to best move through life shifts with ease allowing people to create success as a result of the experience. My guidance is based on my own journey navigating through a health crisis and how it shaped my work and career. I am a certified Integrative Nutritional Coach and bring that knowledge into my sessions with HBeS clients.

Ellie Reiter

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I enjoy exploring the potential of individuals and organizations by creating profound experiences that guide them from where they are to where they want to be. I am passionate about the power of nonprofits to improve communities and provide opportunities for the people that live and work in them. My Gift mobilizes people and teams towards their strategic goals through processes that are exciting, fun, and fulfilling!

Alyson Sattler

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Alyson is an enthusiastic strategic philanthropic leader who understands the intricacies of bringing donors and non-profits together to create social change. She bridges private and corporate philanthropy with non-profits to allow the individual and collective goals of both to be experienced. Her competent, visionary, inspiring presence creates the environment for clients to be valued, heard and engaged at the highest levels.

Alyson most recently served as Vice President of Corporate Charitable Giving for Capital Group. Through her leadership, Capital Group distributed between $25M and $46M annually to more than 4,000 nonprofit organizations globally. She is a tireless champion for meeting the needs of the nonprofit sector while simultaneously advocating for individuals and organizations who give with their time, talents and resources. Connecting these two worlds is at the heart of her work leading to a broad range of powerful shifts for those engaged in creating social impact in our communities.

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The experience is a great fit for those who answer “yes” to the following:

  • Are you ready to ground your work and your life in your Gift?
  • Are you prepared to focus on being your best and creating meaningful work with like-minded peers?
  • Do you want to become a leader in your work and have a greater impact in the world?
  • Do you want to have fun, laughter, excitement and prosperity while doing what you love?

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