Why Organizations Need Us

HBeS is an innovation that transforms your leadership and human capital development.

A McKinsey report shows that although companies spend $14 billion annually on leadership development, very few employees feel they have gained from the investment.

According to a Fortune survey, only 7% of CEOs believe their companies are building effective leaders and just 10% said that their leadership development initiatives have a clear impact.

In a recent Deloitte study, a whopping 60% of employees say their organizations are not effective or only somewhat effective in empowering them to manage their own career.

Are your employees aligned to their Gift? Do they even know what it is? How can employees perform at their best if they are unclear about what they do best?

The Human Being Store supports your organization’s employee engagement, retention and satisfaction in three important ways:

  1. We guide your employees to understand who they are and how to align their talents, strengths and skills to your organization’s goals.
  2. We provide you a flexible platform to bring this cutting-edge approach to your employees in a cost-effective and accessible way.
  3. We create a system for ongoing employee excellence and performance by building a customized practice for each individual.

To learn more about how your organization’s employees can benefit from HBeS contact us at: hello@humanbeingstore.com

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